About Us

At the root of our work is the belief that public-driven decisions set organizations up for success, and that the individuals who comprise communities - of all ages, genders and cultures - play an integral role in helping to create positive change within their communities.

Established in 1990, we have forged a solid reputation throughout BC, Alberta and Nunavut, developing communications and engagement programs that help our clients build healthy, sustainable communities. We equip people with the information they need when important decisions and changes are being made in their communities.

  • we connect

    We bring people to the conversation, issues to the table, and the needs of those who matter to the forefront of your program planning.

  • we engage

    We use our deep experience and broad base of knowledge to help our clients understand how best to reach people and what makes them tick.

  • we plan

    We apply rigorous methodologies and relevant theories to the structuring and planning of projects and programs.

  • we create

    We challenge the traditional ways of thinking to boldly explore creative solutions that stand out and actually work. 

  • we do

    We bring passion, belief and a measuring eye to the delivery and evaluation of programs to make sure they work and continue to work.