Client Services Manager
Angela has become well-established as one of our most efficient writers who crafts messages that ring true for our clients and deliver effectively to their audiences. She is respected and appreciated by her clients, including Safety Services Manitoba (SSM) for whom Angela provides writing, social media and other marketing communications support.

She hears what clients want, helps them determine the best communications tools and then delivers those choices to them on brand, on target and on time. From multimedia campaigns to monthly online newsletters to weekly social media posts, Angela ensures clients see the results they need to shift attitudes and behaviours.

Angela started at ChangeMakers in 2012 and has expanded her role to facilitating strategic planning sessions, conducting stakeholder discussions, preparing and managing online surveys and conducting online research to establish background data on which to build solid communications plans for clients. She implements the recommendations in those plans, working with our team to fulfill the wide range of marketing communications services we offer. Angela approaches each project with a fresh perspective that results in audience-friendly communications and satisfied clients, including the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba, SAFE Work Manitoba, SSM