BC Ministry of Health
Aging Well Toolkit

The story of our (future) lives

Growing old is a part of life. The key to aging well is knowing your options for creating a healthy and independent lifestyle. Working with multiple partners, we helped inspire British Columbians to think about their priorities as they plan for aging well. 

Inspired living

As part of its HealthyFamilies BC promotion plan, the BC Ministry of Health was looking to create an “Aging Well” online toolkit to help British Columbians plan for a healthy, stable future. Context was enlisted to assist with this project on a number of fronts. Our initial involvement included conducting a series of focus groups around the province, speaking with people ages 50–65 to gather input into what they were interested in seeing in the toolkit. We subsequently were asked to help produce a series of videos that would inspire people to learn more about healthy aging and to use the online toolkit. Working with a talented director and team at Circle Productions, we helped produce a series of five videos featuring British Columbians from across a range of demographics, capturing their personal stories and sharing their priorities as they plan for healthy aging. The videos covered a range of topics from housing to finances to health and wellbeing, and inspired people to go to the website to learn more about planning for their future. Our ability to work with multiple parties to execute a vision ensured a successful, high quality video while helping the client meet their objectives throughout the process.  
  • Sharing stories

    To inspire people to think about their futures, a series of videos captured the stories of British Columbians sharing their priorities as they plan for healthy aging.