Alberta Health Services

Quitting isn’t easy. Why make it harder?

If it were easy to quit smoking, we’d all be smoke-free. It’s hard enough to kick the habit even when you want to. So if you’re creating a smoking cessation program to help people quit, your first priority must be to make it easy to use.



Context was enlisted by Alberta Health Services to help develop the online presence for its smoking cessation program, AlbertaQuits. We created a custom website that both leverages our foundation of expertise in smoking cessation and tailors the strategy and content to the specific needs of the Alberta program and Albertans.

In a departure from the typical approach to online campaigns, our focus was on making the experience as user-friendly as possible. This meant stripping down the typically lengthy registration process, which, while valuable from a data and analysis perspective, can often be a deterrent to signing up. If the goal of the website is to help people on their journey to a smoke-free life, we felt the benefits of access and ease of use outweighed the costs.

Using the Amira Health Platform we helped Alberta Health Services create an online presence that’s customized, relevant, and one that offers a better experience by minimizing the barriers for people to get involved.
  • Amira Health Platform
    Amira Health is an online software solution that is specifically designed to manage and operate chronic disease prevention programs. Using this customizable platform as the foundation, combined with our expertise in smoking cessation, we created a web presence that is relevant, informative and highly customized.
  • Any way you want it
    As part of the program, users could sign up to create a custom quit plan on the AlbertaQuits website, or choose to receive daily emails, and even quit tips via SMS texts to their phone.
  • Calculated Risks
    One of the most used tools on the website, the quit calculator lets users see the benefits of quitting from both a health and financial perspective. The tool was designed with ease of use and visible impact in mind.