Asia Pacific Gateway Skills Table
Strategic Planning and Facilitation

All together now…

Canada’s Asia Pacific Gateway is an important contributor to the Metro Vancouver regional economy. But when the Gateway is made up of multiple entities all operating in isolation, it can have a huge negative impact on planning and communities. We got everyone working together, pulling in one direction.



The Asia Pacific Gateway is an integrated land use and transportation network of entry points, intermodal freight transport, road and rail networks, and warehousing and distribution facilities. The Gateway’s impact on the Metro Vancouver Region is enormous — contributing over $12 billion in GDP — and is only going to continue growing over the next 10 years.

With the Gateway network comprising a vast range of entities, each responsible for its own planning, there was no cohesive vision for how these plans fit together, or how they tied into regional growth strategies and official community plans. All of which posed challenges to the continued sustainability and liveability of the region.

Context was engaged to lead a study on how to enhance the planning capacity in the Metro Vancouver region. Leveraging our strategic capability and planning expertise, we worked with a steering committee to bring all the key players to the table in order to identify the challenges and determine how best to improve integration of Gateway planning with regional and municipal planning.

The study led to a number of recommendations to develop a stronger vision and integrated plan for the Gateway — a plan which, because of our collaborative approach, had support and buy-in from all parties early on. The result is a new shared vision and unified approach for moving the region forward in a common direction.