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BC Flood and Wildfire Review

BC Flood and Wildfire Review

The BC Flood and Wildfire Review assessed the plans for and responses to the floods and wildfires of 2017.


engagement program development

The BC Flood and Wildfire Review required a rapid-response engagement strategy. Context joined the review team and immediately began assessing project objectives, the scale of impact to communities, and the jurisdictional landscape of the review’s work. Given the tight timeline and broad mandate, Context simultaneously designed and implemented an engagement strategy. The engagement strategy emphasized four channels for input: government and stakeholder meetings with the review co-chairs, community open houses, online engagement, and written submissions. 

engagement program

Meetings with the co-chairs were used to provide a high-level of engagement with local and First Nations government leaders and officials. Meetings with First Nations leaders were also used to plan First Nations community meetings. Context leveraged existing relationships with First Nations leaders to schedule community meetings. 
Community open houses targeted impacted areas from 2017 fires and floods. Open houses were flexible, with multiple feedback stations providing participants with a variety of feedback opportunities to reduce barriers to participation. Additionally, online and written submission feedback processes were created to give all British Columbians with the chance to participate. A ‘virtual office’ was created to support the engagement efforts and provide communities with the information necessary to participate. The ‘office’ includes a robust online website and a call centre – both launched in less than a month. Social and traditional media, as well as community networks, were used to promote engagement activities, including community posters, Facebook and digital advertisements, and newspaper ads. 

project outcome

Context managed the collection and analysis of input for the independent review and created the public facing summary report. “Addressing the New Normal: 21st Century  Disaster Management in British Columbia”. This report included highlights from the series of public engagement sessions that took place in winter 2018, as well as recommendations to address the issues raised in the report.