BC Recreation and Parks Association
Strategic Planning and Facilitation

Fit for the future

When it came time to renew its strategic direction, the British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association enlisted Context to help determine the Association’s priorities for the next five years. But for us to help them understand what they needed, we needed to get to the heart of the issues ourselves.

Working out the whole story

The BCRPA is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to building and sustaining active healthy lifestyles and communities in British Columbia.

In embarking on a new five-year strategic direction, the Association turned to Context to help put together a plan of action — one that would outline their vision of success, help them understand the business environment they’re operating in, and lay out the key areas in which they needed to do work over the next five years.

From interviews and surveys with the membership, to sessions with staff and the Board of Directors, Context delved deeply to examine what was important to the Association’s various stakeholders. Out of this extensive research we identified a number of key strategic issues that the Association needed to address for the future — issues ranging from financial self-sustainability, to enhancing its membership services, to strengthening its role in advocacy.

By connecting with a wide range of stakeholders, we were able to gain a full understanding of what’s important to them, what the key issues facing the organization were, and what the BCRPA needed to do going forward to ensure its own healthy future.
  • “Planning is about discovering respective and mutual interests, and taking advantage of synergies. Done properly, it benefits all parties, including the public, and saves time and money in the implementation.”
    Context Principal John Forsdick