City of Calgary
Calgary Cycle Track

Moving Mindsets

How do you build a culture of cycling in an increasingly congested city? You make sure it’s not just about cycling, but about giving everyone more choices for getting from A to B.



With Calgary’s population seeing exponential growth, the need to provide more travel choices has become a priority for the city. In April 2014, Calgary City Council approved a pilot project for the City Centre Cycle Track network, a protected bike lane that connects several streets through the city’s downtown. 

Context was brought on board to lead a series of public consultations, engaging with local residents and businesses to help shape the final plans for the network. Through a series of open houses, public info sessions and one-on-on conversations with business owners and residents, we identified a number of key issues for the project team to consider and incorporate into the final plan. Concerns such as the need for community services, parking spaces and loading zones were raised, with the feedback informing design adjustments to the 5.5 km separated path.

Context was also involved in creating an education program to help people get to know the new cycle network and encourage people to get on their bikes. We developed the theme “Move Together” to convey that new bike lanes were about more than just a single mode of transportation; it was about giving all Calgarians more travel choices for getting in and out of downtown.
  • People Powered

    Context engaged with the public to both raise awareness about the pilot project and seek input to help inform the final design plans. 

  • Word on the Street

    Bike Ambassadors and city staff were deployed on the street and at community festivals, libraries and office buildings in the centre city to provide useful how-to and bicycle safety information, and to thank Calgarians for “moving together.”