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Elders Speak Video

The age of wisdom

What would you say to your 20-year-old self? At a gathering of Elders on Vancouver Island, we asked participants to share their knowledge and experiences in a video that offers a powerful and uplifting message to the youth of their communities.

Teachable Moments

For the past 40 years, First Nations Elders in British Columbia have met in distinct locations in the province for an annual Elders Gathering. These gatherings provide an opportunity for Elders throughout the province to connect with one another and strengthen their community ties.

At the 2015 Elders Gathering held in North Saanich on Vancouver Island, Context was asked to help produce a video to capture the experiences and wisdom of the Elders as a way to connect and inspire younger generations. Over the course of two days, participants were invited to be interviewed on camera, and asked to share a message with their “20-year-old self.” The result was an intimate and uplifting expression of love, strength and spirit, intimately captured on camera by the team at Circle Productions. The video was later presented to an enthusiastic reception of First Nations youth at the Gathering Our Voice Aboriginal Youth Conference in July 2015.

Context coordinated with multiple stakeholders – from the BC Ministry of Health and First Nations Health Authority to the event organizers and production crew – to produce a memorable video with a heartfelt message that is timeless and universal.


  • Elders Speak

    We asked Elders: What would you say to your 20-year-old self? Here’s what they shared.