Golden Ears Bridge Strategic Communications

You can’t get a bridge to stand without the right support.

When it comes to building a bridge, you need more than just sound structural engineering. You need the support of the community too. People have to be onside before you can get to the other side.



Metro Vancouver’s Golden Ears Bridge opened to traffic on June 16, 2009, connecting the communities of Langley and Surrey on the south side of the Fraser River to Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge on the north. But long before the first car crossed over the new six-lane toll bridge, there were other bridges that needed to be built – with the people and communities that would be impacted.

Beginning in 2004, Context was enlisted by Translink, the regional transportation authority, to manage the communications and community engagement activities for the new bridge project. Our goal was to share with the community the initial plans for the bridge, solicit their feedback and hear their concerns. Through a series of public workshops, community open houses, and countless door-to-door, face-to-face meetings, we garnered valuable responses from the community, feedback that ultimately informed the final design and location of the proposed bridge.

By demonstrating a commitment to transparency and accessibility, we were able to gain the support and trust of the community. And what could have been a very contentious process was ultimately embraced by the people it was designed to serve.








  • Opening Ceremony

    A crowd of 50,000 people attended the opening day celebration, eager to get a first look at the new bridge.

  • “Change is always hard. Our role is to help ease the concern and anxiety around change. And the way to do that is through clear communications – to be open, to engage and to listen.”
    context director Diana Bulley

  • Meeting in the Middle

    Community leaders from north and south of the bridge meet to officially connect the six-lane toll bridge.