Metro Vancouver
Grease Trap Regulation Engagement Campaign

Who ever thought an iPad could help keep commercial kitchen grease out of the sewers?

Well, we did. When your audience is hard to reach, you have to try harder. Metro Vancouver sought to revise its grease trap maintenance requirements to ease the strain on the municipal sewer system, and Context was called on to get the word out. And get it out is what we did – taking our message to our audience.



Restaurant owners are busy people. And they typically don’t have time to be consulted in the traditional manner. So how do you engage them in conversations about a subject like keeping grease out of the sewers? How do you let them know that a new regulation is in the works that will impact them?

If your audience won’t come to you, you have to go to your audience. Enter the iPad. We created a survey that could be loaded onto the portable devices, and sent them out with bylaw enforcement officers to meet with over 500 restaurants in the lower mainland.

The iPad survey described the proposed regulation, highlighting its impact on what matters most to restaurateurs – their bottom line. Through the survey, we were able to explain the new regulation, and compile feedback to assist the government in fine-tuning the regulation. Through a modern, yet very simple piece of technology, we managed to connect with an audience that would otherwise have been hard to reach.
  • Talking the talk

    Informational material was created in five different languages.

  • Show Me

    A short instructional video was shot and loaded onto the iPad. Restaurant owners were shown the video to help them understand the new requirements. Bylaw enforcement officers equipped with iPad surveys met with over 500 restaurants – more than twice the number initially anticipated.