City of Calgary
Green Line Rapid Transit Corridor

All aboard

When it comes to making important transit decisions, what’s most important is that those decisions are transparent to the public. You’re not just building transit, you’re building trust. People need to feel confident that a process was followed and that it was balanced and fair.


Calgary’s Green Line light rail transit (LRT) project is the single largest public infrastructure investment in Alberta’s history. An important piece of Calgary’s transit network, the Green Line will add 40 kilometres of track to the existing 59 kilometre LRT system, and it is estimated it will serve 41 million passengers annually.

Context was involved in developing a comprehensive engagement strategy to gather input from the community on a number of criteria – ranging from route alignment to sustainability issues – ensuring that any recommendations put forward reflected the needs and views of the community.

One of our challenges was to show the public that we were engaging in a robust and transparent process, yet also communicate information in a simple, easy-to-understand way. A central component of our strategy involved the creation of an infographic outlining seven major criteria informing the project. A large-scale version of this infographic was installed in the Olympic Plaza Amphitheatre across from Calgary City Hall. Visitors to the installation could walk through the various options for evaluation, giving them a sense of all the metrics and criteria informing the project. Project staff were on hand to answer questions during key times of the day, and the installation also provided visitors with a link to a website for more detailed information.

The engagement plan was accompanied by a media launch, and versions of the installation were also presented at other locations throughout the city. Our efforts are helping ensure that people understand how the decisions on the project are being made, and have confidence in the process that is informing it.

  • Getting engaged

    Initial engagement for the north leg of the Green Line project lasted over 18 months, and included 13 events for the public to interact and provide feedback to the project team. 

  • Walking people through it

    A large-scale infographic installed in Olympic Plaza helped people understand the criteria informing the project in a unique and simple way. 

  • The full experience

    Using a Google Cardboard viewer and a smartphone app, people were invited to experience the proposed transit designs in virtual reality.