Heart and Stroke Foundation
I Want It! Public Action Campaign

Putting nutrition on the menu.

There’s generating awareness, and then there’s turning it into action. When the Heart and Stroke Foundation wanted to stoke demand for nutritional information in restaurants, they turned to Context to serve up the sizzle and the steak.



Despite a growing public appeal for nutritional information in restaurants, many businesses still don’t recognize the need or see it as a priority. The Heart and Stroke Foundation wanted to change that. So they enlisted Context to create a campaign that would help raise interest and generate demand for this information. But how do you make a message about fat and sodium counts at restaurants interesting to the wider public? And more than that, how do you actually get people to take action and request it?

Right from the start, we knew we wanted to tap organizations and individuals who shared the mindset for healthy eating – to build a network of people who could help us spread the word. Having identified our target audience as women age 25 to 45, we created a campaign that spoke to this demographic through their channels and networks, and made it easy for them to get on board, join the movement, sign up and recruit others to help spread the message.

The fresh, bold campaign was built around a slightly cheeky, attention-grabbing theme, “We Want It”, accompanied by a drive to the campaign website where people could easily request this information with a few simple clicks. Through a variety of offline and online tactics, and also leveraging the communication tools and networks of health organization partners, bloggers and other influencers, the campaign has created a groundswell of support for more informed choices and a strong consumer voice that can no longer be ignored.
  • Engaging conversations
    We took the campaign to various lifestyle shows targeted to our main demographic of women. “Healthy Hunks” equipped with iPads were deployed at these shows to engage people and encourage them to submit restaurant requests on the spot. People could also have their photos taken with the Healthy Hunks and upload the images to their Facebook page, adding a personal flavour to the online campaign and helping us spread the word further.
  • Watch it
  • Made for sharing
    Context created and distributed a Social Media Toolkit that made it easy for people to share the campaign with their friends, restaurants and social networks. The kit included helpful tools such as pre-made badges and tweets, videos, facts about the campaign and more.
  • Reaching out

    A blogger outreach campaign helped us generate buzz and leverage the networks and following of influential bloggers to get our message out to a wide and relevant audience.