Mobility Pricing Independent Commission

It’s Time Metro Vancouver

It’s Time Metro Vancouver

Our team led the high-profile communication and engagement program for the Mobility Pricing Independent Commission. The project began in 2017 and studied approaches to decongestion charging in Metro Vancouver. 


project description

Launched as It’s Time, we designed and managed the project’s brand development, broad-based public education initiative, and marketing and advertising campaign. We were also responsible for the extensive stakeholder and public engagement program, and reporting what we heard back to Metro Vancouver’s diverse residents. Our team worked to ensure our overall strategy was tailored to not only the project’s Terms of Reference, but also to the politically-charged environment in the region and the diverse needs of the communities we engaged.
our approach
Create digital and social outreach: This project relied heavily on both online and in-person engagement and meeting activities. As part of our public education and marketing initiative, we launched a multi-platform online strategy that includes a website, social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), email marketing, and broad-based online advertising. 
Engage widely and inclusively: Offline, the team facilitated workshops for stakeholders across the region, including elected officials, Commission staff, community organizations, residents and business owners. To ensure our engagement approach was inclusive we also reached out to various multicultural and advocacy groups, and conducted targeted outreach to Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside community. We also ran a traditional print advertising campaign. 
Make information accessible: Throughout the project we ensured complex information was presented to the public and stakeholders in accessible and inviting ways, and relied heavily on visual communication. We also ensured translation into Metro Vancouver’s three leading non-dominant languages: traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese and Punjabi.
project outcome
Through our engagement program, we reached over 17,000 residents online. In addition, we engaged with over 600 stakeholders in person through meetings and workshops with local and regional stakeholders, and government officials, and a representative User Advisory Panel.