Government of Nunavut
Let's Be Aware / Ujjiqsuqta

Responsible Use of Alcohol Strategy

In 2016, Context developed the Let’s Be Aware / Ujjiqsuqta campaign with the aim to empower local communities through education and awareness of the responsible use of alcohol. 



The irresponsible use of alcohol is a large and ever-growing concern in Nunavut. Nunavummiut speak of alcohol ruining individual lives, disrupting families and tearing apart communities. As a result, the Government of Nunavut identified the need to educate the public in the area of responsible use of alcohol.

The Let’s Be Aware/Ujjiqsquta campaign involves four phases, each guided by the fiscal year: (1) research and strategy development, (2) implementation with general population, alcohol education committees and helping professions, (3) implementation with youth and young adults, (4) implementation with all priority groups.


yEAR 1 

Context worked with the Government of Nunavut to develop the campaign strategy and guiding brand and key messages. Using a consultation process, we asked Nunavummiut to describe their experience with alcohol and how it has impacted their lives. Time and again we heard of how drinking had often ruined family time, trips on the land, or the ability to participate actively in the community. Emboldened by our purpose, we used this information to build a gain-framed campaign that used positive messaging to encourage Nunavummiut to follow Canada’s Low-Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines and “stop at 2, so I can start my trip in the morning”. 


year 2

In the spring of 2017, the second year of the campaign launched in Cambridge Bay. Year 2 witnessed our team working with communities across the territory, to train, educate and raise awareness of the responsible use of alcohol. We traveled to communities across Nunavut where we held community meetings, conducted presentations to students, hosted radio shows and visited schools, community centres, health centres, and retail outlets.


year 3

Currently being implemented, Year 3 has a strong focus on spreading key messages to youth and young adults in hopes of sowing the seeds of change. We know that youth in Nunavut can be hard to reach due to the remote locations in which they live and the lack of access to reliable and efficient internet. To negotiate these challenges, we have developed a strategy that focuses on rooting our engagement from the ground up, working with teachers and coaches to share information, and asking youth to participate in contests that will draw on their varied artistic and creative abilities.



In Year 3, we will be conducting a formal evaluation of the campaign to date, to further understand who is aware of the campaign, how the key messages are resonating with Nunavummiut and what action is being taken as a result.