Government of Nunavut
Tobacco Has No Place Here Campaign

Knowing is half the battle. Understanding is the other half.

No matter how much you know about a subject, no matter how many times you’ve done something before, understanding your audience remains the key to changing behaviours.


In Nunavut, a staggering 65% of the population smokes - over three times the national average. Among the Inuit, the numbers are even higher. These alarming statistics point to the importance of a targeted campaign like "Tobacco Has No Place Here."

Context, in partnership with Atiigo Media, developed the campaign for the Nunavut Department of Health in 2012, and have been helping to set the strategy and messaging for the campaign each year. And while we’ve had extensive experience developing quit-smoking campaigns for a number of provinces and health authorities in Canada, the approach we developed for Nunavut needed to take a different tack, one that specifically reflected the values of the Inuit culture.

In developing our messaging strategy, we were cognizant of these cultural nuances and the role that Inuit knowledge and traditions play. Specifically, we focused on the strong sense of community and concern for the collective wellbeing that permeates Inuit culture. The “Tobacco Has No Place Here” campaign messaging encapsulates the strength and pride of the Inuit people, conveying a positive message about a culture that was once tobacco-free and can be again.


  • Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit (IQ)

    Literally translated as "that which has long been known by Inuit", Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit (or IQ) is a phrase that describes a body of traditional Inuit knowledge or unique cultural insights. We incorporated IQ into the development of the campaign where possible to ensure that all tactics and messaging aligned with these values.

  • Help along the journey
    Produced in four languages – Inuktitut, English, Inuinnaqtun and French – the Tobacco Quit Guide provides guidance and helpful tips for those contemplating quitting smoking. Context developed the content for the guide, which was designed by Nunavut-based design firm Atiigo Media.
  • No time like the present
    The Time to Quit contest provided the incentive and motivation for people to make a serious quit attempt and be smoke-free for a month.