BC Lung Association
QuitNow Program Management

Outthinking the box.

First, the good news. British Columbia has the lowest smoking rate in the country at 15 per cent. And now the bad news. That’s still 550,000 smokers in the province – over half a million people that we want to help quit. How do we do that? By thinking creatively.


Context has been working with the BC Lung Association for several years now, helping to manage its QuitNow Services, a province-wide smoking cessation program for British Columbians who are looking to kick the addiction. Over that time, we’ve been ahead of the curve in Canada, developing a number of innovative programs to reach smokers – and making QuitNow the go-to place for people trying to stop smoking and for those who want to help them.

From our unique team of local health promoters who work at the community level building relationships and raising awareness of the program, to the country’s first text service that people can access via short code (654321) to receive quitting tips and motivational support on their smartphone, we’ve continually challenged conventional approaches to smoking cessation. Drawing on evidence-based research and proven methodologies, as well as our years of experience in the field, we’ve succeeded in developing  solutions that have had a measurable impact on the smoking rate in British Columbia.

Other provinces have taken notice of QuitNow’s success. Context is now developing innovative smoking cessation programs for the governments of Manitoba and Alberta to help even more smokers kick the nic.  

  • QuitNow by TXT

    We developed the country’s first mobile
    text service accessible via short code for
    smokers trying to quit.


  • Feet on the Ground

    Unique to QuitNow, we hired health promoters to work in their communities, reaching out to local health care providers and other partners to raise awareness.

  • 7,000

    A Quit Now & Win contest saw 7,000 people sign up to stop smoking.